quiche meat pies

Quiches and meat pies

The meat of our pies is lightly marinated with port wine and herbs; flavour is enhanced with a mixture of wild mushrooms. Thin pure butter crust.


Quiches, meat pies and savouries

  6" 8" 10"

Quiche lorraine

(bacon, onion, cheese)

  X X
 Cheese Quiche   X X
Vegetarian Quiches   X X
Smoked Salmon Quiches   X X
Ham and cheese puff pastry   X X
Spinach and cheese puff pastry   X X
  serving 4 pp serving 6pp serving 8pp
Pure pork meat pie X X X
Rabbit or duck
meatpie (mix of rabbit or duck with pork meat)
Pure duck meat pie X X X