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Prepared dishes

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Hors d’Oeuvre (mouthfulls) on order only
Duck liver mousse on toasted baguette

Smoked salmon with cream cheese on rye bread

Shrimps salad with dill in a puff pastry
Ratatouille in a cherry tomato
Egg plant mousse on a garlic crouton
Mini quiche with ham, cheese or vegetarian
Mini vegetarian pizza
Mini pissaladière (onions confit in olive oil) on a layered pastry

The above mentioned hors d’oeuvre are only suggestions;
we can propose you many other, depending on kind of event and season.

Cold appetizers (recommended weight per person)
Chicken (or turkey) with fresh herbs in aspic (100 – 120 gr)

Porc potted rillettes (100 gr.)

Duck  and pork potted rillette (100 gr.)
Pure duck potted rillette (100 gr.)
Duck liver mousse with portwine (100 gr.)
Terrine of Foie gras (100 gr.)
Homemade maplewood smoked salmon (100 gr.)

Gravlax: salmon marinated with dill and pepper (100 gr.)

3 Salmon plate:  whole one poached, gravlax and smoked
(reservation 1 week ahead) price according to weight; 20 pers. Min.


Soups (1 liter = 32 oz = 4-5 portions)
Thai shrimps soup with cari, lemongrass, and coconut milk

Chicken soup with coconut milk

Traditional New England clam chowder
Chicken velouté (cream) with mushrooms
Duck velouté with wild mushrooms
Lobster bisque
Andalusian gaspacho (Traditional spanish cold tomato and vegetables soup) in summer


Sauces for pastas (100ml /portion e.g. 8 – 10 portions/liter)
Tomato sauce with herbs and basil or all’ arrabiata (chillies)

Putanesca sauce (kalamata olives, red sweetpepper, capers, anchovies)

Bolonese (meat) sauce (veal and beef), amatriciana (bacon, onion, sweetpepper, chili)

We can prepare many other pastas sauces according to your taste.

Quiches and feuilletés 8 po (4pp) 10po (6pp)
Quiche lorraine (bacon, onion, gruyère cheese) X X

Leek, vegetarian or cheese quiche

Ham and cheese layered pastry X X
Leek flamiche (Northern France traditional recipe): sautéed poireau in a bechamel sauce in layered pasty X X
Salmon coulibiac with white wine fish sauce: price per pers. Min: 4 pers. X  


Main dishes (vegetables and starch included)

Traditionnels dishes
Toulousan cassoulet: hearty white organic kidney beans, toulouse sausage, and leg of duck confit dish

Basquaise chicken: braised chicken with sweetpepper ( grain fed chicken)

Braised tomato veal osso bucco style
Braised beef burgundy style (''boeuf bourguignon)

Poached chicken with mushrooms

( grain fed chicken)

Hungarian beef gulash (braised with paprika)
Braised Quebec lamb with Mediterranean spices

Gratinated dishes served in large dish
Eggplant and lamb moussaka

Meat (veal and beef) lasagna

Vegetarian lasagna (cheese bechamel and tomato sauce)

Salted cod (‘’morue’’) brandade: cod and potato purée with garlic and olive oil

Endive or leek flemish style (ham, bechamel and cheese)

Tous les plats des rubriques 3 et 4 sont servis avec garniture de légumes et féculent

All the above mentionned dishes are on reservation, a few days to a week in advance, depending on needed ingredients (lamb, rabbit…)

It will be our pleasure to help you to compose any menu, and to prepare any other dish of your choice. Ask for chef Denis

Call us or come to see us to reserve.

Bon Appétit!