bread prepared on weekends

Bread prepared on weekends

Breads listed below are made during weekends or upon reservation; some of them are more seasonal (bacon and onion in winter, olive and sun dried tomatoes fougasse in summer); we recommend you call us or send us an e-mail the day before if you want one kind of bread specifically.

Type of bread and use Weight of raw dough
Flour and process.

Kamut bread : an ancient wheat (used by egyptians 4000 yrs ago) Great nutritional value, light taste of hazelnut

500 gr

90 % organic kamut flour
10% unbleached organic white flour
Fermented dough process

Spelt bread : a cereal very similar to wheat. Great nutritional value

500 gr

90% organic spelt flour
10% unbleached organic white flour Fermented dough process

Rye bread : very popular in Eastern Europe. Ideal pairing with oysters and smoked salmon. Also made with raisins

500 gr

60% organic rye Flour
40% unbleached organic white flour
Fermented dough process

Walnut and raisin bread : Excellent with honey for breakfast or with strong cheeses : munster, blue cheese

70% unbleached white flour
30% organic rye flour
Grenoble walnuts, raisins
Sour dough process

Hazelnut and dried apricot bread: Almost a cake! Very good at breakfast


90% unbleached white flour
10% organic whole wheat flour
hazelnuts, dried apricots
fermented dough process

Olive and sun dried tomato bread : Made as a miche or as a flat bread named ‘’fougasse’’ in south of France or focaccia in Italy. Ideal with tomato salads, pastas, goat or ewe cheeses or original sandwiches like our Greek one (check our lunch menu!)


80% unbleached white flour
20% organic whole wheat flour
extra virgin olive oil Kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, fresh garlic and thyme, dried mediterranean herbs.

Alpage bread: a very hydrated sour dough (large holes in the dough and a thin crispy crust) with a hint of buckwheat strong taste of sour dough.


Large miche

Small miche with grenoble walnuts

350 gr

1250 gr

(3 pd)

500 gr

16 oz

90% unbleached white flour
5% rye,

5% buckwheat

 Rehydrated Sour dough

We can make any type of bread, shape or size, on order. Please call us for information

Pure butter croissant every day.