Bread prepared fresh daily

Bread prepared fresh daily

Breads listed below are available every day we are open.

Type of bread and use Weight of raw dough

Flour and process.

Baguette: all purpose ; should be eaten within 24 hours

300 gr
(10 oz)

Unbleached organic white flour 

Parisian bread: all purpose

600 gr
(20 oz)

same dough as baguette

Country flute (long shape) or miche: all purpose. Ideal partner : cheese fondue and toasted with foie gras. Rich in dietary fibers

700 gr
(23 oz)

75% unbleached white flour
20% whole wheat
5% rye flour Fermented dough process

Sourdough bread: all purpose Lightly sour taste

650 gr (22 oz)

95% unbleached white flour
5% rye flour
Sourdough process

8 grain bread: very dense bread, very rich in dietary fibers
Makes wondefull hearty sandwiches. Ideal pairing with smoked salmon

550 gr
(18 oz)

Flours: wheat, spelt, barley, oat, millet, rye,
Flakes and cracked grains : rye, spelt, wheat, oat Sesame and flax seeds