bread consumption

Caring for your bread

French traditional breads contain no fat or sugar; therefore, it’s better to slice them as needed to avoid drying them out. It’s recommended to buy a good bread knife.

Long breads (baguette, flute…) have more bubbles and are lighter than short and round shaped breads (miches). Baguettes and flute will dry faster than miches; in fact, a baguette should be eaten the day it’s baked.

It’s better to freeze miche loaves, they will dry less than baguettes or flutes.
Wrap them tightly in plastic wrap and do not keep them more than a month in the freezer.

To eat bread just out of the oven is very tough on the digestion because carbonic gas is expelled from the bread as it cools. But a toasted or reheated bread does not have that inconvenience because e there is no reformation of the carbonic gas.