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Baker's yeast bread

Although there are a few methods, we will describe the one we are using in Owl’s Bread Bakery.

Breads made with fermented dough: Just adding a portion of yesterday’s dough and a little baker’s yeast to today’s preparation will produce an easy to keep, less pronounced taste and slightlylighter version than the sourdough bread.This method may be applied to all types of cereals.

‘’Poolish’’ breads: This method was brought to France as early as the French revolution by the Austrian bakers of Marie Antoinette ‘’d’Autriche’’, wife of Louis XVI. It consists in adding a tiny portion of yeast to the quantity of flour required to prepare the next batch of loaves and to let it rise for twelve hours. This same method applies all types of flours; but it gives special lightness to unbleached white flourin the making of baguette. One has to know that so called ‘’baguette parisienne’’ known as the symbol of France was intrduced to France by Austrian bakers. This is a Viennese type of bread well adopted since a long time by Parisians. Before that time, Parisian bakers were making only bowl or miche shaped breads, that is ‘’boule’’ in french; that’s why they were named ‘’boulangers’’!