Restaurant menu du soir

The MANSONVILLE restaurant treats you to fine French cuisine.





Soup of the day Seasonal salad




Main Dishes

Vegetarian lasagna
Sweetpepper, brocoli, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, homemade tomato sauce, bechamel sauce, Compton raw milk cheese
25.00 $ Vegetarian ''tartiflette''
Traditional dish from Savoie region made of steamed potatoes, sautéed leeks and mushrooms, cream and raw milk Compton raclette cheese, served with 2 cabbages coleslaw
27.00 $ Toulousan cassoulet
traditional south western France hearty beans dish with Toulouse sausage (from La Queue de Cochon pork butcher shop in MTL) and homemade confit of duck
28.00 $ Dried salted and fresh cod brandade
served with 2 cabbages coleslaw
28.00 $ Raclette
up to 4 servings (6,5 oz) served with cold cut from Racine ''Cochons tout ronds'' pork butcher and steamed potatoes
30.00 $ Burgundy style braised beef
served with potato purée and fresh vegetables
34.00 $





Dessert of the day


Tous nos pains proviennent de notre boulangerie.

Taxes and service non inclus.

Réservation recommandée.