Restaurant diner specials

The MANSONVILLE restaurant treats you to fine French cuisine.




Cold Hors d'oeuvre

Homemade ‘’foie gras terrine’’
served with chicory and apple salad, Xeres vinegar, walnut and hazelnut oil
+ 14.00 $ 2 cabbages, apple and carrot coleslaw
0.00 $ Tossed green salad
Homemade vinaigrette
0.00 $ Homemade cold cut plate
Served with sour pickles and 2 cabbages colesalw
0.00 $ Homemade smoked salmon ''rillettes''
Served with green salad
5.00 $




Hot Hors d'oeuvre

8 snails in a french shallot and celeriac brunoise butter + 4.00 $





Traditional french onion soup ‘’au gratin’’ + 4.00 - $ Velouté vegetables soup 0.00 $ Bisque de homard maison 4.00 $




Main dishes

Leeks pure butter puff pastry
Northern France speciality : La Flamiche, served with tossed green salad, house dressing
26.00 $ Linguini with grilled vegetables
Grilled, zucchini, artichoke hearts and sweetpepper with a touch of tomato sauce
30.00 $ $ Mediterranean style braised shank oflamb
served with couscous and grilled ratatouille
34.00 $ $ Seafood linguini
lobster, scallops, large shrimps and mussels cooked in a homemade lobster bisque sauce
36.00 $ $ ''Cassoulet toulousain''
organic kidney beans, homemade duck confit and Toulouse sausage (Pork butcher ''Queue de Cochon, MTL)
36.00 $ $ Catch of the day
Poached salmon (N.B.) with ''beurre blanc'' sauce
Served with basmati rice and fresh vegetables
42.00 $ Beef tenderloin with portwine and blue cheese sauce
Served with potato purée and fresh vegetables
45.00 $





Dessert of the day 0.00 $


All our bread comes from our bakery.

Taxes and service not included.

Reservation advised.