Restaurant desert menu

Plate of local or imported cheese 8.00$ / 100g

Our desserts are homemade with first quality ingredients.We are using no preservative or artificial flavour and no pre-mix preparations. All our pastry is pure butter

Our ice creams and sherbets are made with Valrhona chocolate and fruit pulp imported from France.

Cold desserts
Bread and butter pudding 3.95$
Choice of homemade tarts(almond cream, almonds and honey,
peacan and maple syrup, caramelized walnuts, etc.)
Chocolate mousse or fruit mousse cake 5.95$
Carrot cake served with custard 5.25$

Hot desserts
Hot puff pastry with apple and thyme (in Mansonville only) 5.95$

Pear and almonds pastilla

(in Mansonville only)

Trilogie Cara´bes:chocolate ice cream on a hot browniewith pure chocolate sauce 6.95$

Chocolate Profiteroles

(in Mansonville only)

Chocolate and coconut ''crème brûlée'' (in Magog only) 5.75$

Ice cream and sherbet
1 scoop flavour of your choice 4.25$
2 scoops flavour of your choice 5.75$
3 scoops flavour of your choice 6.25$
5 mini scoops tasting plate 6.95$
Chocolat liégeois:(Valrhona chocolate ice cream, italian espresso, chantilly cream, grilled sliced almonds) 6.25$

Chocolate hot sauce or fruit coulis
1 scoop of ice cream or sherbet 1.95$