Restaurant lunch menu

Lunch Menu

We serve wine and beer.

All sandwiches and paninis are served with a tossed green salad and our house dressing composed of olive and peanut oils, dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.
Other dressing available upon request

Gluten free dishes are identified ‘’G.F.’’

You can have a soup of the day for 1.95 $ extra, and / or a dessert of the day
for an other 1.75 $ with all identified ‘’T.H.’’ items

Americano coffee included in Table d’Hôte from Monday to Friday

Paninis and hot sandwiches
Paninis can be made on gluten free homemade buckwheat pancake; extra: 1.00 $

Parisien : white ham and swiss gruyere sautéed onions and mushrooms on a baguette styled bread 10.95 $

Vegetarian Mediterraneen: roasted eggplant, zucchini and sweetpepper, fresh tomato, Kalamata olives, pesto, goat and swiss gruyère cheese on olive bread

12.95 $

Mediterranean with chicken:  same as vegetarian mediterrannean with grilled grain fed chicken breast with herbs

12.95 $

Tunisian : merguez sausage, roasted sweetpepper, tomatoes, onion, olives, pesto, goat and feta cheese on olive bread


12.95 $

Eastern Townships style : smoked Brome Lake duck breast, a mix of St Benoit Abbey blue cheese and cream, swiss cheese, Grenoble walnuts, and a touch of maple syrup, on white bread  

Smoked breast of duck is a very expensive item (150.00 $/kg) ;
you can have more than the established quantity with an extra of 2,50 $  

14.75 $

Goat cheese ''au gratin'' on Kalamata olive and sundried tomato bread

10.75 $

All our breads are homemade, with no fat and no sugar, by professional bakers, with local organic flowers and filtered water. They are baked on the stone (French traditional bread)  

You can buy these breads at the counter.  By buying bread locally, you help nature and the local economy.

Soupes and Salads

Vegetarian soup of the day G.F.
served with a meal :
by itself :
1.95 $
5.50 $

Andalusian gaspacho (cold tomato soup):
served with a meal :
by itself :

3.75 $

8.50 $

Tossed green salad with house dressing G.F.
served with a meal :
by itself :

3.25 $
6.50 $

Ceasar salad  :         
without anchovy :
with anchovy :

7.50 $
8.95 $

Cyclades salad G.F.:  tomato, onion, cucumber, ewe feta cheese, dried herbs, red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing

12.50 $

Endive salad with Abbey blue cheese and Grenoble walnut G.F.

12.50 $
Warm salad of duck gizzards ‘’au confit’’ with walnut oil and Jeres vinegar T.H. G.F. 12.50 $
‘’Niçoise’’ salad: tomato, tuna salad, hard boiled egg, green beans, new potatoes, olives, onions, T.H. G.F. 14.75 $
Tomato and St Benoit Abbey goat cheese with basil 11.75 $

Our cold specialities T.H.

3 Rillettes plate; pork, duck and rabbit potted rillettes (duck and rabbit rillettes are mixed with pork meat), served with tossed green salad and sour pickles G.F.

10.75 $

Pure duck potted rillette plate with tossed green salad, house dressing and sour pickles G.F.

13.50 $
Our very own maple wood smoked salmon plate
(smoked in our Mansonville smokehouse) G.F.
12.75 $
Our very special duck ‘’foie gras’’ terrine
Served with apple and chicory salad, Jerez vinegar and walnut oil G.F.
17.50 $
Duck liver and portwine mousse served with onion jam and salad with Jerez vinegar and walnut oil G.F.

12.75 $

Wraps in homemade buckwheat pancake
served with tossed green salad,
homemade house dressing G.F.
Smoked salmon and cream cheese, capers and red onion 12.75 $
Prosciutto and cream cheese with sour pickles 11.25 $
Prosciutto, Cheese from factory ‘’La Station’’ Compton, boiled potatoes 12.75 $

Sandwiches on fresh daily bread T.H.

All sandwiches are equally available on pure butter croissant ; extra : 0.50 $

White ham and swiss cheese on a baguette bread


8.50 $

White ham, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato on a baguette bread

9.00 $
Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato on a baguette bread 8.50 $
Prosciutto and swiss cheese on a baguette bread 9.00 $
House potted pork with sour pickles (french style) on a baguette bread 8.50 $
House potted duck or rabbit with sour pickles (french style) on a baguette bread 9.50 $
Scandinavian: House smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers, french shallots on 8 grain bread 11.50 $
Pan bagnat niçois:  tuna salad with herb dressing, tomato, lettuce, hard boiled egg, kalamata olives on olive bread 10.75 $
Mykonos: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, Kalamata olives and feta cheese on olive bread 9.75 $

Have a look on our specials of the day and enjoy a delicious homemade dessert

Extra for shared plate : 3.50 $

Taxes and service not included